Ladies Aid

Affiliated with the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women and in turn with the National Council of Catholic Women. We pay dues ($10/year) to support each of the above organizations.

Every lady automatically becomes a member when they graduate from high school, lives in the community and no longer goes to school. Officers are filled by election, by being asked to serve or volunteering themselves.  Secretary and Treasurer are elected for a two-year term. The Vice-President serves one year and the next year she takes Presidency. New officers and circle heads begin their terms at the January meeting.

Members are divided into five circles. Each circle has as leaders a Chairwoman and Co-Chairwoman. These positions will be filled by rotation method in the order listed in the booklet distributed each year. The Alternate group will be asked to donate and work when possible but will not be circle heads.

Ladies Aid serve funeral dinners, the parish dinner, socials, receptions, fix Christmas breakfast for the shut-in’s and persons whose spouse has died during the past year.

President – Linda Mertz
Vice President – Sherrie Wagner
Treasurer/Sec – Linda Thilges
Chaplin – Fr. Thomas Hart